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Focus on the Individual

The voice is the mirror of the soul. And in Defrost Youth Choir our focus lies on developing the human being behind the voice. Behind every young voice there is a human being with values – ant it's these values that constitute the ideological foundation – respect, loyalty, solidarity and tolerance. Working with varied music from many different time époques, we expand the understanding for the interaction between man and music – Harmony!

Our History

Defrost Youth Choir from Hamar, Norway, originally started out as a project-choir in collaboration between two of Norway's most successful and prestigious choir-conductors, Erland Dalen and Thomas Caplin. Back then, the choir was named EDTChoir. During a time-period of one and a half years, the choir accomplished formidable success, which rewarded two gold medals in the World Choir Games in Cincinnati (USA) in the summer of 2012.


Thomas Caplin


Thomas Caplin (1960) Conductor, choral pedagogue, composer, singer. Mr. Caplin is frequently engaged as guest conductor and clinician, and as adjudicator in competitions in Norway and abroad, particularly renowned as a specialist within the psychological/pedagogical aspects of choral leadership, coupled with the traditional perspectives of choral conducting. He also specializes in the cross field between classical and rhythmical singing and conducting.

This focus area is also fundamental in his book on choral leadership in Swedish and Norwegian, a book that will be globally published in English in the course of 2014. His publications includes a number of compositions, arrangements and CD recordings. Most of his publications are to be found at Cantando Music Publisher, Stavanger, Norway.

In 2004 he was awarded the recognition “Choral Director of the Year” by the Norwegian Choral Directors’ Association. He has received international recognitions for his leadership of the following choirs : The Lund University Male Choir (prominent male choir from University of Lund, Sweden, World Choir champions in Shaoxing in 2010), Chamber Choir Collegium Vocale (Norway) and Oslo University Male Choir (World Choir Champion in Xiamen, China 2006). He is the Norwegian representative in the Interkultur World Choir Council.

His present employment is Professor in music at the Hedmark University College, Hamar (Norway). He presently conducts the Defrost Youth Choir, and is a leader of and singing member of the vocal group Nordic Blue.

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Below, you can find pictures and videos from the trips the Defrost Youth Choir has had around the world.

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